Drive4Move, represented by International Car II, headquartered at Industrial Zone, Avenida Francisco Fino No. 30, 7300-053 Portalegre, hereinafter referred to as the lessor, rents the motor vehicle, more specifically identified in the particular terms of the contract (hereinafter Contract), to the customer identified in clause one of the particular terms, hereinafter referred to as the lessee, under the following terms and conditions.


  • The lessee declares that he received the vehicle in the conditions of use and cleaning, with the respective accessories and documents, mentioned in the contract and in the joint verification document called "check out", committing to return it under the same conditions as received it, at the place and date specified in the contract.
  • If the vehicle is used in breach of the contract, the rental company may terminate the contract, being mandatory the return of the vehicle by the lessee at the indicated place, under penalty of the vehicle being withdrawn, under the terms of the law, at his expense.
  • If the lessee wishes to extend the rental period, he must go to the rental company's premises to sign a new contract, subject to approval.
  • The lessee is not responsible to the lessee or any passenger for loss or material damage left in the vehicle, either during the rental period or after it.


  • The lessee must take care of the motor vehicle, ensuring that it is properly locked and in a safe place when it is not being used, put the proper fuel, as well as connect and diligently use any safety device installed in the vehicle. vehicle, if any.
  • The lessee undertakes not to use or not to allow

the use of the vehicle in the following situations:

  • To carry out transport of passengers or goods in violation of the law;
  • For sporting events or training, whether these are official or not;
  • By any person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that, directly or indirectly, reduces their perception and ability to


  • By persons who have held a driving license for less than one year, and by persons who are not authorized drivers, that is, who are not identified in the contract or document attached thereto;
  • Outside Portuguese territory, unless you have express authorization.


In the event that the vehicle suffers any damage, repairs can only be carried out after prior agreement with the rental company.


  • The Customer/authorized driver is insured by a car insurance policy that covers limited civil liability up to a maximum amount of €50 million, in accordance with current Law.
  • It is the responsibility of the Customer to protect the interests of the Lessor and its Insurance Company, namely:
  • It is  mandatory  to  report  immediately  to  the

authorities any accident, theft, robbery or fire, even if partial; also undertakes to report such situations to the Lessor within 12 hours and send it the Police report regarding the occurrence as soon as possible.

  • Not leaving the scene of the incident before the arrival of the police authorities, under penalty of being charged the resulting damages in full, not having the coverage resulting from the deductible reduction service eventually contracted, any effect in the event of non- compliance with this clause;
  • Mentioning in the report the actual circumstances in which the accident occurred, the name and address of the witnesses, the owner and driver of the third-party vehicle involved and the registration, brand, insurance company and policy number of such third-party vehicle;
  • CDW (included in the offer): partially covers any damage caused by an accident, collision, rollover, theft or fire in which the Customer will be responsible for the value of the damages up to the maximum deductible amount, which varies according to the vehicle category;

  • In the event of an accident, the customer must contact the POLICE through number 112 - we decline any accident/damage not reported to the Police, regardless of the delivery of DAAA (Amicable Declaration of Automobile Accident). The Customer is responsible for paying for damages caused to the vehicle up to the maximum amount of the applicable amount in force during the Contract period, unless the responsibility is assumed by third parties and provided that it complies with the provisions of subparagraph 2.a) of this point.
  • Only the Customer or authorized drivers will benefit from the applicable payment reduction services; Failure to comply with this provision implies the total cancellation of the coverage contained in this article, and the provisions of this article are also null and void in the event of an accident motivated by intent or fraud, negligence, drunkenness, use of narcotic drugs or non-compliance by the Customer or driver with these general conditions. and the applicable legislation, and protection coverage is also void if the Customer does not return the keys in the event of theft.
  • In the event of an accident due to speeding, negligence, driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotic products or consumption of a product that reduces driving ability, the Customer will be responsible for the repair costs and compensation corresponding to the vehicle downtime. accident, even with a reduction in the applicable payment.
  • The protection and any applicable payment reduction services do not absolve the Customer from paying damages caused negligently to the upper, lower and interior parts of the vehicle and tires, provided there is no collision.
  • If the Customer provides false information, without prejudice to possible criminal liability, this will constitute a breach of contract, and the Lessor reserves the right to pass on to the Customer all damages resulting from such statements.
  • Other protection options may be available over the

counter. Check locally.


  • The lessee  expressly  undertakes  to  pay  the

amounts due, arising from the execution of this contract, to the lessor as soon as they are requested, namely:

  • The price due for renting the vehicle, depending on

the rental period and the respective mileage calculated in accordance with the tariff included in the contract;

  • Any and all charges related to deductibles, personal accident coverage, shock, collision and overturn coverage, theft coverage and any other applicable expenses in accordance with the tariff or fees contained in the particular conditions of this contract;
  • All taxes and fees levied on the rental of the motor

vehicle or the amount fixed by the rental company for the reimbursement of these taxes;

  • All costs incurred by the lessor arising from the collection of payments owed by the lessee, as a result of this contract.
  • All vehicles are correctly identified (stickers, key rings, document folders, etc.), and it is the sole responsibility of the lessee to return the vehicle with the items in question, in the appropriate conditions (key holders, stickers, folders documents, etc.) under penalty of being charged additionally, as foreseen and in accordance with the tariff or fees contained in the particular conditions of this contract;
  • Any and all invoices not paid on the due date will be charged with late payment interest at the maximum legally permitted rate.
  • In the event of an accident, the lessee will pay administrative expenses with the respective process.
  • The lessee, in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the

obligations arising from the contract, will provide a credit card deposit, for the amount mentioned in the contract, expressly authorizing the lessor to fill in and debit the credit card the amounts due.

  • All amounts paid when renting the vehicle will not be refunded.


  • During the Rental period, the lessee is entirely responsible for all fines and/or fines inherent to violations of traffic, parking and toll rules, as well as for all consequences and responsibilities arising therefrom.

The  Lessor  will  charge  an  administrative  fee  of

€36.90 (thirty-six euros and ninety cents) in case the lessee incurs any fines and/or fines, and/or misuses the electronic toll system during the rental period (up to a maximum of 5 identifications per contract (€184.50)), without prejudice to the amount payable for the aforementioned fines and/or fines.

  • A damage administration fee of €64 (sixty-four euros) is applied in the event of damage to the vehicle or in case of theft during the rental period.


The parties agree on the addresses indicated in the contract for any contact, namely for the purposes of summons or notifications.


The lessee acknowledges that all the clauses contained in the present were timely and expressly communicated and explained and that the lessee was aware of them, therefore signing this contract.


  • At the beginning of the contract, the lessee must provide his personal data and those of the driver(s) of the vehicle, for the purposes of their identification, expressly authorizing the rental company to proceed with the computer processing of the same.
  • The rental company is the entity responsible for the computer processing of the personal data provided under the contract.
  • Under the terms of Law n"103/2015 of 24 August, Personal Data Protection Law, the issuing entities, their respective managers and/or nominated users are guaranteed access to their personal data for the purposes, in particular, of their rectification, update or modification.


In case of subscription, this service will allow, through the use of an identifier, owned by International Car, to determine the value of the toll fee with a view to its collection within the scope of

electronic toll services available on road infrastructures duly equipped for this purpose, the Customer being solely responsible for the full payment of the value thereof during the term of the contract.

For payment purposes, the lessee must provide a valid credit card (ensuring that the corresponding bank account has sufficient balance) and authorizes the use of his valid credit card, to meet the payments due, accepting that the debits may occur at any time. consequent to the detection of use of the aforementioned road infrastructure and after the end of the contract, provided that the use of the road infrastructure has taken place during its term.


In compliance with the duty to inform consumers, pursuant to article 18 of Decree Law 144/2015 of 8 September, the following are entities for the Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes: Consumer Information and Arbitration Center of Porto ; https://www.cicap.pt – Rua Damião de Gois, 31 Shop 6, 4050-225 Porto – Phone: +351 225 508 349 – Fax: +351

 225 026 109 – E-mail: cicap@cicap.pt